Every book we create is the result of collaboration. We interview our clients (and sometimes family members and friends), pore over archival materials like old photographs and letters, and then sit down and get to work.

We choose a narrative form that best fits your story. Sometimes this means a poetic treatment (hello rhyming couplets!) or a piece written in the style of a classic children’s fairytale. The decision is made together with our client and we only begin the writing process after careful consideration of all the elements of the story. We will also work together to select your favorite photographs to serve as inspiration for the book’s illustrations—all Velveteen books feature at least ten, hand-drawn illustrations. 

Our final products are completely unique. The typographic, binding style and choice of end paper—all of these elements are chosen to perfectly complement your story. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom object that you can relish for generations.

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