Rex — Shanghai, China

The final product is more amazing than I imagined. I seriously almost had a tear of happiness in my eyes when I was reading through Natasha’s beautiful writing. Some parts are so clever and funny that I couldn’t stop chuckling. I love all the illustrations, Mia. My 3 favourites are: The Volcano, The Globe, and the Telephone Knitting. The volcano proposal illustration is just so hilarious. Thanks also for finding the Chinese characters for Wife and Husband and fitting them in. Thank you both for putting so much effort into this book. The final product is priceless.

Shehnaz — Houston, TX

I had been agonizing over a perfect gift for a very dear friend  and I said to myself, "What could be more perfect than a story that speaks to our friendship 40 years strong?" So I commissioned Velveteen Stories to do just that. When I received their beautifully bound book, I was left speechless. Every page, with its amazing illustrations and writing, told a story that could not be told otherwise... It was fantastic.

Megan — Houston, TX

I have the longest letter penned in my head to you raving about the book, using adjectives I have yet to come up with to describe it's coolness. Seriously, it's the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I cried when I read it, as did everyone else who has seen it. If my house ever burned down, after Tucker it would be one of the first things I'd grab. So yeah, I loved it. 

Austin — Philadelphia, PA

 Thanks again to the both of you. She shed some tears over this one!

Liz & Nick — Knoxville, TN (Rehearsal Dinner centerpieces)

The cards made our rehearsal dinner unique and served as ice breakers, especially at tables where there were people from different sides of the family. Thanks again for doing this for us, we truly loved them. We tried to make all the parts of our wedding unique, and this kicked up our rehearsal dinner by +100 notches! Also, we think it’s a good sign when people at the tables try to secretly steal them...